The Sex Pixels is collaborative art project between partners Chad Robin and Chris Jacob in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The images are all from their private collection of homo erotic portraiture and video stills.  

"Our intention is to offer people a way to participate in an erotic porn culture of sex and art...without actually having to hang graphic images of sex acts or nudity on their walls or in their collections of art.  It's a way to allude to sexuality without spoon feeding the imagination every single detail". 

Why Pixelate My Image?
Do you like the idea of an erotic portrait session for your own personal use but want don't want to display them for all to see?  Well, the careful shooting and editing of an image into pixelated form keeps just enough secret while allowing certain amounts of sexuality, eroticism and form to shine through.  Many of our images are designed with a perfect balance between complete mystery and total coherence.  For example, if you like the idea of hanging erotic pixelated portraits of yourself and or your lover in your home...some may only see lovely display of geometric color theory...others may clearly see the original form...and some may spend hours trying to see the image until you describe it or point out its form.  The closer you are to the image the more it loses from...and the farther away you are the more clearly you see the image.   

All of our images are custom printed and custom framed by the artists. We ship world wide!!